Hamel Parking Lot Service becomes TriState Paving Services

Hamel Parking Lot Service.

In 1968, Tom Hamel was working for John Deere full-time when he began striping parking lots on the side. As his business grew, it became Hamel Parking Lot Service. Over the years, he gained increasing business in that area, and it made sense to add more services (sweeping and general maintenance) to the company's service offerings. Over the next decades, Hamel Parking Lot Service continued to grow.

In 2014, as Tom Hamel was nearing retirement, Jeff Spahn approached him and convinced him to sell the business. The business changed hands in June 2014 and soon changed its business name as well ... to TriState Paving Services.

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Encyclopedia Dubuque.

TriState Paving Services.

Hamel Parking Lot Service, now known as TriState Paving Services, has become a full-on road construction and maintenance company. The company does residential road maintenance as well as work for small municipalities. Their crews pave, repair, and do concrete flat work. Most of the company’s sweeping services are done for area malls and similar businesses.

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