Air Sweeping

Sweeping the Tri-States since 1968!

The Regenerative Air Power Sweeper is the only power air sweeper with a patented centrifugal dust separator which keeps the lines and dust inside the hopper.  The blower generates a constant blast of high velocity air that is directed down the pressure side of the machine and into the head.

Blast air travels across the head, picking up debris and refuse in its path and sending it up the suction side of the machine.

Unlike conventional broom sweepers which only sweep the dirt and debris into cracks in the roadway or parking area, the Regenerative Air System blasts all debris out of cracks with controlled jets of air of up to 250 mph, forcing up even the finest sand and particles into a totally enclosed system.

Please call today for your demonstration; see how this machine will make a difference on the appearance of your parking lot or roadway, creating the best possible image of your business establishment.

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates.